Door Dings

We’ve all been there. No matter how far away you park or how careful you are, Door Dings are an infuriating part of life. Good News – we can repair most door dings and we can do it fast. There’s no reason to live with an unsightly Door Ding. With one short visit to a Miracle Dent Repair facility we will bring back that new car look. Miracle Dent Repair – we’ll maintain your factory finish with No Fillers, No Paint and No Hassles. We’re fast, we’re friendly and it’s all at a surprisingly low price.

Large Dents

Do you have a large dent? No problem. You may be able to save yourself an expensive and time consuming trip to the body shop. Using specially designed tools, our technicians are able to repair almost any dent no matter what the size – all in a fraction of the time and cost it would take a traditional body shop. In fact, if you bring the damage to us fast enough, our same day service will help ensure no one will ever know what happened. Our process is 100% environmentally friendly – we use no chemicals, no paint, and no fillers.

Hail Damage

We accept autopac hail claims. Using specially designed tools our trained technicians are able to repair your hail damage in mere hours or minutes rather than the days or weeks that it takes at a traditional body shop. The integrity of your original factory paint is not compromised in any way, as we use no paint or fillers to repair your vehicle. Your MPIC coverage works the same as with a traditional repair, meaning you still pay a deductable where applicable and you are entitled to a rental car with your loss of use coverage. Choosing PDR for hail repairs will save you an immense amount of time compared to a traditional repair, while at the same time allowing you to retain the factory finish on your vehicle.