Less than an hour to fix door dinged Audi TT

miracle dent repair on audi

Door dings are a pain in the you know what…

Seems there’s just a lot of people out there that park to close to other cars and just don’t pay enough attention when opening their doors.

It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Last week, it happened to Richard.

Thanks to the tight parking spots in downtown Winnipeg, he got a wonderful door ding on his new Audi TT.  The dent was on a body line on the driver’s side door and was very noticeable as you can see in the pictures.

Richard initially I had a professional come to his home with the “vacuum” style dent removal process to see if he could do it and get an estimate.

After a few minutes looking at it, he said “No way can I do that, you will have to make an insurance claim”.

Frustrated at the prospect of having to make a claim with MPIC or live with the dent, he decided to get an estimate 

We got his photos and emailed him with a time and cost estimate. 

Richard was in the other day to get his audi fix and we’re happy the way things turned out for his Audi TT.

“The day came to take my Audi TT down to MDR on Regent, Winnipeg. I dropped it off, Tyler himself came and looked at the dent. He said; “give me an hour.” I said; “An hour?? OK……” One hour later I came back and bam! Done. I was well impressed, excellent work it looks awesome. Very happy. Good job Guys! Richard, Winnipeg, MB – Audi TT owner