Why dealers should get dents repaired before selling cars to the US

Why dealers should get dents repaired before selling cars to the USWith the Canadian dollar the way it is these days, there’s been an measurable increase in the number of used Canadian cars, trucks and SUVs being sold to the US. Some people estimate that roughly 1500 vehicles a week are being sent across the border.

The exchange rate isn’t the only reason for the spike. Automotive industry experts say the 2008 US recession caused a big shortage of used car inventory. During those hard times, US consumers were buying fewer new cars, so now as a result there are few used vehicles available for purchase. For dealers, this is a good opportunity to move inventory by selling to the US.

An often overlooked part of selling to the US is the cost of having to repair dents once the vehicle has arrived in the US.

Fix the dents before you send them across the border

If you’re a dealer selling vehicles from Manitoba to the US and have dents in need of repair, you’ll want to consider bringing it to us before you load them up on transport trucks to head to the states.

Why Miracle Dent Repair in Winnipeg?

  • It’s very expensive to fix in the US vs Canada. It simply costs less.
  • You save money on the exchange rate by paying in Canadian dollars
  • Our PDR method costs 75% to 80% cheaper than conventional bondo & paint repair methods
  • Get it done fast. Paintless dent repair can be done in hours, not days.

Just for an example, one of our customers was quoted over $1,000 for by a body shop and we estimated the same repair at $250. When the margin on selling a vehicle can be thin sometimes, the cost savings alone in using paintless dent repair is well worth your time.

Why so inexpensive?

Paintless dent repair doesn’t involve the need to buy paint or primer. There’s less labor and our business model simply doesn’t have the same overhead as a traditional full service body shop.

Want to learn more?

We’re open to partnerships with dealers and can offer special volume pricing. Give us a call and we would be happy to help you save some time and money.