10 Auto care tips for spring

CAR_CARE_TIP_4Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The days are longer, the snow seems to finally be gone and the sun is hanging around a little more.

Spring in Winnipeg is a time where car lovers start to get excited to get on the road and this year is no different. Before you head out on the road, here are 10 auto care tips for spring that will help you keep your car looking like new.

  1. A good cleaning of the inside and outside of the vehicle prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt, reduces the potential for rust from road salt and ensures proper visibility needed for safe driving.
  2. If you find a bird has pooped on your car, wash it off as quick as you can. Compounds in bird waste that can damage a car’s paint job.
  3. Nothing keeps paint looking good and protected like a coat of quality wax. Apply wax at least every six months.
  4. Protect the interior plastic by parking the vehicle in the shade, using a window deflector screen, and applying a UV protectant to prevent the plastic and vinyl from drying out.
  5. Clean your paint with detailing clay to remove bonded surface contamination that is stuck to the paint and is not removed with normal washing.
  6. Protect the paint surface from harsh environmental elements and prevent premature aging with a car wax, paint protectant or paint sealant.
  7. Talk to your insurance broker/review your insurance policy and what coverage exists in regards to hail and wind damage
  8. If possible, when driving, pull over to the side of the road and stop. This will reduce the damage to the car as the impact is stronger when your car is in motion.
  9. Subscribe to severe weather alert notifications so you can know when and where a hail or windstorm is expected to hit.
  10. Don’t put the pressure washer too close to the car when washing it. It can blow the paint right off.

Hope you enjoyed our spring car care tips.

Have any of your own to share?